Maslaha is a dynamic organisation which connects technology with the community to create inventive and effective resources to tackle issues around health and education.  We also use a range of media to break down barriers and increase understanding of Islam and its contribution to society in a broader context.

Our work includes:

  • Dynamic health resources which address health inequalities in Muslim communities by providing information in a way that resonates with every day life and thinking
  • Working closely with teachers and schools to provide curriculum resources showing the contribution of Islam and Muslims to many subjects
  • Online experiences which feature fascinating articles, timelines and films, including the development of a new satellite site which will be devoted to Muslim women role models through history and today

We’re all about opening channels of communication to get information out in accessible and understandable ways to the people. We combine creative technology (such as film, animation, music and a strong online presence) with everyday action and engagement, finding new ways to connect and communicate.
We believe access to knowledge is fundamental – without it we cannot learn, improve our lives, or understand the lives of others. We use this approach to work towards addressing inequalities in health and education, and to enable a wide range of stories to be told – of everyday life, of extraordinary people, and of historical figures and places. 

Maslaha started as a Young Foundation project and continues its strong tradition of social innovation – identifying social needs and finding creative ways to meet those needs. Our ideas are fuelled by our experience in journalism and campaigning, and are backed up by the intellectual rigour and expertise provided by our network of advisors, supporters and friends.

We bring together a wide range of people and places, including doctors, teachers, religious scholars, policy makers, students of all ages and stages, experts in health and education, nurses, young people, inter-faith organisations, patients, teacher trainers, academics in a wide range of subjects, film makers, musicians, animators, web designers, psychiatrists, philanthropists, theologians, social workers, social innovators, community workers, local celebrities, art galleries, theatre companies, museums... and many many more!

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