A virtual experiment

Copyright EffusionAnd so the Team began the final critical stage of the journey.  But first, the technical bit… (stay with us, we’ll keep it simple!)

We really wanted to share the full experience of being immersed in the physical exhibition, and decided that the best way to do that was to share both the overall experience of standing in the room, and the ability to wander up close to each component and almost reach out and touch each panel. 

The virtual tour allows you to stand in the room, turn around, wander into each corner, and go right up to each panel.  As you journey through the Book of Travels you will hear a narrator talking you through the footsteps of our 17th century travelers.  Incidentally, this voice is none other than Emily’s mum, who is also an actress who has been in many plays as well as appeared in ‘Only Fools and Horses’ and ‘Hollyoaks’.  Just sayin’.  Our claim to fame.  That and the fact that it so happened that Emily was a multitalented whizz not only in all things Maslaha, but also audio, film, drama…

The deep zoom allows you to dive right in to each panel.  This technology is called Seadragon, and allows you to zoom and pan around any image no matter how big.  You can zoom right into any of the pictures and examine each individual house on a map, a single lock of Leonardo da Vinci’s hair, every word on an Ottoman manuscript. 

And finally, the virtual exhibition also allows you to watch Suki’s film in its full glory, a sensory experience that sets a shimmering and enthralling scene for further ventures into the Ottoman dream.

At Thebookoftravels.org you can also find out more about our team and friends, discover more about Evliya and the Ottomans, and if you’ve liked your experience so far don’t be afraid to wander back to the Maslaha site to look at some of our other projects.

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Here comes the technological bit